Training & Development

We have a responsibility to provide training for all our employees. Training will prepare employees to work safely and effectively, set the standards we expect, give them knowledge of our management structure and to equip them to deal with anything that may arise during their employment. As part of the Olivers Mill core values, all of its people are encouraged to work to the highest standards and to the best of their ability.

Full induction training is given to each of our new employees.  This involves a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of all our cleaning methods to a BICSc level of competence, a full COSHH and Health & Safety demonstration including our policies and a thorough explanation of the levels of professionalism and attention to detail that we insist upon and our clients expect.

We deliver a thorough and ongoing training and development agenda designed to enhance job related performance.

Our Training Director continuously monitors the effectiveness of the Olivers Mill training programme. This will be revised and updated whenever necessary including, on the introduction of new machinery or substances, when there is a change in operations and/or processes and the promotion of employees to other duties.

All of our employees subsequently go through regular Health & Safety and cleaning refresher courses in which we re-emphasise how to effectively clean and manage different corporate environments.

All Olivers Mill’s employees without exception are ultimately trained to play a proactive role in ensuring that the highest quality standards are met, helping individuals realise their full potential and raising their self-esteem, resulting in a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for the benefit of all.