Health & Safety

Olivers Mill takes Health and Safety very seriously and is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its employees and those affected by it business activities and visiting its premises. Olivers Mill fully accepts its obligations placed upon it by the various acts of legislation covering Health and Safety.

Achieving a healthy and safe workplace is a collective task shared between the employer and its employees. Olivers Mill Health and Safety Policy applies to all its employees irrespective of seniority, tenure or working hours. It further applies to consultants, contractors, casual workers, homeworking and fixed term contracts.

Olivers Mill responsibilities:

  • Taking all reasonable steps to safeguard the Health and safety of all its employees, people affected by its business activities or persons visiting its premises.
  • Identifying Health and Safety risks and finding ways to manage or overcome them.
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace as well as a safe entry and exit arrangements including during an emergency situation.
  • Providing and maintaining safe working areas equipment and systems of work including the provision of appropriate protective clothing.
  • Providing safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.
  • Providing adequate information, instruction and training to enable all employees to carry out their work safely, to avoid hazards and to contribute positively to their own health and safety including but not limited to: manual handling, COSHH, working at height and personal protective equipment.

Employees and contractor responsibilities;

  • To take all reasonable care to protect their Health and Safety and others that may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • To comply with any Health and Safety instructions and rules including the safe use of equipment.
  • To keep the workplace tidy and free of hazards.
  • Report all Health and safety concerns to the health and Safety department promptly including any potential risk, hazard or malfunction of equipment; however trivial it may seem?
  • To co-operate with the investigation of any incident or accident which has led to injury or which could have led to injury in Olivers Mill’s opinion.

Responsible Persons:

Mr Scott Sumner, Managing Director has the overall responsibility for Health and Safety and has appointed Mr Tony Thistleton, HR and Health & Safety Director as the principal Health and Safety Officer with the day to day responsibility for Health and Safety matters.


All Policies and procedures are an essential element of Olivers Mill and are controlled and maintained within Olivers Mill. Policies and Procedures are reviewed annually, by the department responsible; to ensure that we respond to clients, business strategy, legislation and any standards or codes of practice determined by the market. Further more detailed information can be found within Olivers Mill Health and Safety Policy