IT Cleaning

Olivers Mill specialises in removing the build-up of dirt and bacteria on workplace equipment to reduce the spread of infection, lower absenteeism and the risk of equipment failure.

We provide professional desktop IT and telecoms cleaning services that ensure our customers’ computers, telephones and other office equipment are clean, dust-free and hygienic. Olivers Mill has acquired cleaning expertise built over 20 years ensuring your computer and associated equipment is cleaned in a manner that cannot cause any damage to the electrical components.

It is possible for up to 400 times more bacteria to exist on the average office workstation than on a toilet seat and 60% of time off work illnesses are contracted from dirty office equipment.  Commonly, office equipment gets contaminated by todays modern practices of eating lunch at our desks, 'hot desking' and poor personal hygiene.  An unclean workplace produces a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, affects staff morale and undermines operational effectiveness.

We deliver the very highest service levels via a team of trained cleaning operatives. Olivers Mill takes great pride in ability to be flexible for our clients and work with them to design bespoke solutions that enable them to bring the best possible results.

We specialise in the cleaning of all types of It office equipment including:

  • PCs (keyboard, monitor and mouse)

  • Printers
  • Telephones
  • Photocopiers
  • Fax machines
  • Scanners
  • Projectors and whiteboards

If you are in the London area, contact our Business Development Team at Olivers Mill via our contact page to discuss your office equipment cleaning requirements.

Or you can call us on 020 3457 6767 or email us at for more information.