At Olivers Mill, we recognise the importance of innovation. We have invested in new technology, to improve efficiencies with automated systems, benefitting our employees and enhance client satisfaction. We use PDAs (Personal digital assistants) to communicate tasks and responses to our Operational Teams.

We research new cleaning techniques and chemical solutions that are in line with our Company values. Chemicals used in our cleaning services are environmentally friendly and are safe for our Operators to use.

To ensure that all our cleaning operatives are trained to the highest standards, we have established and developed the London Cleaning Academy to deliver this Company objective.

Research and development of new services to offer to our clients and the sector is imperative to our growth, as a pre-eminent provider of cleaning and maintenance solutions. We recently launched the first Accredited Data Centre Cleaning Service. This specialised cleaning service, is delivered by our City & Guilds certified hygienist technicians.