Frequently Asked Questions

Will the changeover from my current supplier to Olivers Mill be smooth?

Of course.  Our 20 years of experience in dealing with new office cleaning contracts means we will be thorough with planning and close client liaison to ensure the changeover is a seamless process.  We will also deal with all appropriate legislation - the only difference you will notice is the improvement in service and standards provided by us.

Are all your staff vetted?

Yes.  As part of our rigorous recruitment process for every employee, we obtain references from their most recent employer, proof of address and evidence of their entitlement to work in the UK along with a copy of their passport and driving licence for our records.

Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?

Yes, this is a regular service we offer all our clients whatever their size. This is beneficial if you require us to work outside normal working hours as we will not disrupt your staff.

Do your staff get trained?

Yes.  All managers and supervisors receive comprehensive training in the guidelines and standards required by Olivers Mill to manage the sites they operate on.  Each of our cleaning operatives receives comprehensive in-house and in-situ training in all areas that are needed to skilfully perform their duties.  All Health & Safety issues and key company policies are covered in their initial training and induction.

How often do you clean a site?

That depends.  Our service is entirely tailored to your company's requirements.  We have a broad mix of clients, some of whom we will only attend once or twice per week.  For others, we will have many cleaners on site at least five days per week.  Tell us what you need and we will build a service around your requirements.

What time do you get on site?

We have a completely flexible approach and will build a contract and time and attendance to suit your own use of the building(s).  This can be early mornings before any of your staff are in, during the day or evenings after all employees have left the premises.

Will we always have the same cleaner?

Yes.  As much as is practicable, we always try to maintain continuity by using the same staff on a client's contract.  This helps to build an acquired knowledge of the site as well as a healthy rapport, trust and increased security for our clients.

Do you have high staff turnover?

No.  Due to the way in which we train, remunerate and manage our staff we retain their services for very long periods.  A very high percentage of our staff that were with us when the company began in 1996 are still with us today.

Do you supply everything required?

Yes.  As a general rule we supply all of the labour, equipment, machinery and materials required to carry out the task within the agreed price.  Additionally, we regularly supply consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, refuse sacks and bin liners. These will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

Can you provide references?

Yes.  Once you have received a formal quotation from us and are serious about going ahead, we will be happy to provide you with a number of customer references to help you finalise your decision.  If you haven't already, please read what our existing customers on our testimonial page.

Are you fully insured?

We have comprehensive insurance cover which amongst other things covers Public Liability for £10,000,000, employers liability £10,000,000 and loss of keys cover.

What are your hourly rates?

Although our prices are very competitive, we do not publish a fixed hourly rate.  All jobs are priced according to task; whether it is office cleaning, window cleaning, environmental service or a one-off clean.  A number of variables will impact the final calculation of the rate such as equipment and materials projected to be used.

How do we pay you?

Commercial customers can order their regular services through our online booking system where they can pay through our direct debit system. For more bespoke services, we will invoice each calendar month and give 30 day terms from invoice date.

Are we issued a cleaning contract?

Yes.  Contracts are signed before going ahead with any work along with the opening of your Olivers Mill account.

Can we contact you outside office hours in case of an emergency?

Yes.  Part of your contract will include access to the Olivers Mill hotline so we can help you with any emergencies that arise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.